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Collaboration opportunity, request number #0001                                                                    Request status: Open


Ethical prevention of retail debt-default & recovery. The use of cross-sectorial personal data to prevent defaults and cost-effectively recover retail debts

The last decade has witnessed revolutions in the power of machine learning and the regulation of personal data. We believe that these new capabilities should be put at the disposable of the individual, to support them in making better decisions. As we near the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, the economic wreckage is now more clearly visible. Retail bank bad-debt provisions are soaring, dwarfed only by the human suffering caused by that bad debt.

In response, our consortium is creating a radically new service that not only mitigates this suffering but more broadly empowers people to align their financial behaviours to achieve their life’s goals and desires. Most services in the market today which are designed to help the financially distressed are either simple budgetary tools with a visual frontend or offer support reactively after the person has defaulted. Yet developments in data mobility and machine learning have now reached a point where we can create significantly better solutions. Solutions based on trusted, consent-based data sharing, to engage, inform and empower Users.

We are seeking corporate partners to join the consortium and participate in the service’s development, or help take the service to market in late 2021.

Location: UK

Requestor: CrtlShift

Collaboration & investment opportunity, request number #0002                                       Request status: Open


Looking for collaborative partners to assist us in offering new services for the unbanked

We have identified new opportunities to support and contribute to the development of communities currently excluded from financial services and without opportunities for financial inclusion. We are looking for technology-based solutions that can help us achieve these objectives already drawn up as part of our roadmap.  We already consult and offer general advice on financial transformation including open finance.

We would like to hear from you so please get in touch.

Location: Argentina

Requestor: CLAEFI SAS

Collaboration opportunity, request number #0003                                                                  Request status: Open

Looking for partners for our fintech marketplace for financial institutions and fintechs

We are a Fintech boutique in Peru that offers a marketplace for financial institutions and fintechs that need to digitize their financial services. We offer a marketplace with more than 20 global and regional financial solutions providers. We have a commercial team with high level CXO contacts in main financial institutions in Peru including banks, financial institutions, microfinance and fintechs.

Location: Peru

Requestor: Big Data Consulting